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Mr. Osborne has written screenplays starring Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Robin Williams, and Bruce Willis, and has written and sold screenplays to Paramount Pictures, CBS, ABC, Prime, Netflix, and more.

Jump in now and get instant access and begin developing your dream story into a professional screenplay. With 12 easy to follow video + PDF lessons featuring Mr. Osborne, you will learn:

  1. How To Think Like A Screenwriter
  2. The Essential Needs of a Narrative
  3. How To Generate Great Ideas
  4. How To Master The Three Act Structure
  5. How To Weave Timeless Themes
  6. The Anatomy of Scenes and Sequences
  7. How To Create Legendary, Immortal Characters
  8. The Secrets Of Writing Great Dialogue
  9. The Art of Perspective
  10. Comedy Vs. Drama
  11. Decoding Genre from Comedy to High Concept
  12. Formatting So Producers Will Actually Read Your Screenplay



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About Ron Osborne

Ron Osborn’s movies have grossed nearly $500 million worldwide and his television writing has earned him Emmy nominations during the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. He’s written for television staples like Mork and Mindy, Night Court, Moonlighting, The West Wing, and Beauty and The Beast. Osborn has written pilots for every major broadcast network as well as cable heavyweights HBO, Showtime, FX, MTV, Lifetime, ABC Family, and Disney.

His ability to find success in feature-length films, 30-minute comedies, and hour-long dramas has him uniquely situated to work with your ideas. Rom-coms, political dramas, slapstick comedies, and even animated work, as the co-creator, executive producer, and head writer for Duckman, an adult animated comedy that ran on the USA Network for four seasons. If you have a genre, theme, or a chosen media, Osborn has the experience to guide you towards a finished product and the knowhow it takes to build a thriving career.



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