Choose a song and Remix with a DJ

Choose a song and Remix with a DJ

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Mavericks & Maestros brings the experts to you — the real, live professionals who shape and reshape the musical landscape that’s brought to vibrant life one bar at a time.

That goes for mixes and remixes, too. Learn to remix music using the software of your choice. (You can let us know which software you would like to use at checkout).

Turn those beats around. Take something — a scrap of melody, a gently tumbling rumble of beats, a bass line — and turn it into something new. All while guided by a DJ who actually does this work. You’ll take a song, remix it, and prep it for a live performance.

It’s the stuff DJ dreams are made of — and it will prove what you’re made of. It’s that little composer in your head who takes what you hear and sees illuminated musical pathways away from the tried and true to something thoroughly new. And made by you.

So drop that bass. Scoop those mids. Learn from industry professionals who will teach you — one-on-one from the comfort of your own home — a set of DJ skills that will prepare you for success.

It’s a one-on-one experience.

It’s Mavericks & Maestros.

And you’re one of us now.

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